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Bing Ads Services | Microsoft Advertising PPC

Strategy & Account Setup / Review

We will work closely with your business to understand your KPIs, your goals and your competition. If you already have a Microsoft Advertising account, we will perform an audit to identify what is working well, as well as areas for improvement in regards to spend, targeting, and optimisation.

For new and existing accounts, we will craft a tailored PPC strategy for your Bing ads that yields maximum ROI. Your strategy will take into account your ad account’s structure, industry, competition levels, keywords and ad optimisation.

Bid Strategy & Budget Optimisation

When it comes to optimising your bids, our main focus is on reducing your CPCs and increasing your conversion rate. With that in mind, we consistently review and adjust your bids accordingly at keyword-level, monitoring performance over time to ensure we’re making the most of your money. We use a combination of manual and monitored automated bidding strategies, depending on individual business’ needs and requirements.

With your budget, we consider geo targeting, different user devices, day parting, audience segmentation and much more, to ensure we are making the most out of your spend.


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