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Get Started With the Bing Ads API

  • 9/16/2021
  • 6 minutes to read

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Any Microsoft Advertising user with a developer token can begin using the Bing Ads API. For advertisers placing a large number of ads or developers building advertising tools, the Bing Ads API provides a programmatic interface to Microsoft Advertising.

You can develop your Bing Ads API application in any language that supports web services. To get started with a specific SDK, see Get Started in C# | Java | PHP | Python.

Get a user access token

Consider the user that you want to sign in e.g., [email protected] The Bing Ads API will not accept that email address and password. Instead you need to set the AuthenticationToken header element that contains a user access token. You can think of an access token as representing a user name and password.

How can you get an access token for a user? As an application developer you’ll use a Microsoft authorization URL to prompt the Microsoft Advertising user for consent. Once a user provides consent, you can get an access token and act on behalf of the user. The access token represents the user credentials who has access to one or more Microsoft Advertising accounts.

  1. Register an application

  2. Request user consent for your application to manage their Microsoft Advertising accounts

  3. Get access and refresh tokens

  4. Make your first API call

Get a Developer Token

To use Bing Ads APIs, you must have a developer token and valid user credentials. If you do not yet have a Microsoft Advertising account, you can sign up via the Microsoft Advertising web application.


The sandbox and production environments use separate credentials. You can sign up for a Sandbox account here. Everyone can use the universal sandbox developer token i.e., BBD37VB98.

You can follow these steps to get a developer token for production.

  1. Sign in with Super Admin credentials at the Microsoft Advertising Developer Portal account tab.
  2. Choose the user that you want associated with the developer token. Typically an application only needs one universal token regardless how many users will be supported.
  3. Click on the Request Token button.

The universal developer token can be used to authenticate with any Microsoft Advertising user credentials. You can use the same universal…


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