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What are the biggest global marketing challenges?

What are the biggest challenges facing global marketers? It’s no small question, and it’s a particularly important one if you work in the complex world of global marketing. You may have come across some hurdles before, or you might just be wondering what’s in store as you prepare to take your brand global. Read on to find out more on the common global marketing challenges and to discover our solutions.

Global vs local teams

The bigger the brand, the more links in the chain. Global HQs have historically struggled with rolling out marketing campaigns across multiple territories. Today we have better technology and communication tools, but also greater expectations for relevant, local execution. Internal coordination of complex campaigns across business units and regions remains a key challenge for global marketers.

Many campaign implementation models include an element of ‘adopt and adapt’; but there is some debate about how to achieve the best results. Some brands choose a decentralised model whereby local markets still hold a lot of autonomy. Other brands prefer a more centralised approach and give little to no leeway to local markets.

There’s no right or wrong answer – the key is to find a balance so that both global and local teams feel they’re being heard. After all, the secret to a successful global campaign is to be rooted in local reality.

Reaching local customers

That knockout creative concept that ticks all the boxes in one territory may fall flat in another for any number of reasons. Adapting an idea to suit diverse cultures and outlooks while remaining true to the key messages behind the campaign remains a major challenge for global brands.

Stewarding these creative, intellectual and emotional elements safely across territories is one mighty task. But figuring out digital media on a global scale – with all the technical, media and channel options available – makes the picture even more complex.

Driving local consumer engagement at the highest possible level is an ongoing work in progress. Not surprising when you consider the differing levels of marketing maturity and digital understanding, legal and regulatory issues and cultural subtleties across the globe.

You can never take anything for granted – what may be true at the start of the campaign process might not be six months down the line. Global marketers must constantly research and test to ensure they fully understand their local audience.

Measure, report and improve

Measuring ROI is amongst the greatest global marketing challenges – global marketers  need to report on campaign performance in different regions, with large budgets at stake. Ultimately global marketers are judged on the performance of their campaigns – showing ROI is showing value in what they do.

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